Axiom Saxophone Cleaning Kit


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Saxophone Cleaning Kit

Saxophone cleaning kit. Your Axiom Saxophone needs regaular cleaning and maintenance to ensure it stays in  peak playing condition. It’s important that you clean your Saxophone thoroughly after you have played it and before storing it in its case. This is because warm, moist air from your mouth condenses in the instrument, and this moisture can lead to problems with the Saxophone’s mechanisms. Using an absorbent saxophone pullthrough as well as other saxophone maintenance accessories will help keep your saxophone ‘healthy’ and help prevent common problems such as waterlogged and sticking keys. Removing this moisture also helps to prolong the life of the pads, which are crucial for your saxophone to continue working properly and sounding good.

Our cleaning kit contains all the tools and materials you will need to perform regular maintenance of your sax. The kit includes:

  • Sax Swab
  • Neck Cleaner
  • Key Oil
  • Cork Grease
  • Polishing Cloth
  • Mouthpiece Brush
  • Care Guide

Order today to keep your instrument in perfect playing order!

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