trumpet For Sale Brisbane

Trumpet for Sale in Brisbane?
Axiom is the Answer!

If you’re looking for a Trumpet for sale in Brisbane for you or your child to start on
look no further than the Axiom Beginner Series Trumpets

Our beginner range is designed in Australia and made in Asia to offer the best value starter instrument available. With features designed to make playing easier and priced under $200 the Axiom range is the best choice for the beginner





trumpet for sale BrisbaneWhen we envisaged a range of affordable trumpets we felt the most important thing was to produce a trumpet with the best quality brass and components but at a price which was easy for the beginner to afford. Many budget trumpets are flooding the Australian market but none of them are designed by a musical instrument company. As a result they are often very poorly made, with cheap brass, flimsy plastic parts and no careful thought given to the design. When you’re look for trumpets for sale you need to know you are buying an instrument designed and imported by musical instrument experts.

We started with the design of the valves and valve casings. Tolerances are very tight in this area and it’s vitaTrumpet for sale Brisbanel that the pistons move smoothly and easily to ensure accurate tones and easy playing. Our valves are nickel plated and polished to a high level. The casings are finely ground and polished internally to make sure the valve can slide easily.

We use the best quality brass available for the money and we honestly feel our range has superior construction and materials than most trumpets available in Australia under $400. For example, our Piston Guides are nylon, not cheap flimsy plastic as found in many of our competitor’s products.

Whichever model Axiom Trumpet you choose when you are looking for trumpets for sale in Brisbane we guarantee to offer you unparalleled service and help. We are musical instrument specialists and our aim is to provide the musical beginners of Australia with a product that is the very best for the price. We only sell online our prices which is whyare up to a third of that which you will pay in a retail store.

Choosing your first musical instrument can be a confusing business. The Australian market has, in recent times, been flooded with cheap, unplayable instruments being sold through online mass merchants, ebay stores and even grocery stores!  We at Axiom felt that there was a need for instruments which, whilst affordable, were of superior quality and playability. We spent a lot of time sourcing factories to work with and the result is a range of excellent quality and well priced student instruments, far superior to most of the instruments being sold elsewhere.

When you invest in an Axiom instrument you are buying from a well established reputable Australian business with over 30 years experience in the music products industry. Plus, you are buying direct from the importer without any wholesale and retail markups. We only sell online, so we have no expensive rents or staff costs. That’s why our instruments are up to half the price of equivalent quality instruments in retail stores.

All Axiom instruments carry a 2 Year Warranty and will provide years of playing enjoyment.
We stand behind every instrument we sell.