Pignose PGG200 Travel Guitar – Sunburst


The PGG-200 also has excellent sound. With a one watt built-in amplifier which is powered by a nine volt battery, there is no need to struggle to get heard. Moreover, it is fitted with an audio output system which allows most headphones and external amplifiers to be connected without much trouble. The volume control has an easy on and off power switch which is convenient. A fixed bridge allows for easy playing especially for novices who would struggle with the semantics of a floating bridge. This ensures that the sound is clean at any point as long as the guitar is properly tuned. The bridge also comes with six adjustable saddles further enhancing its functionality.

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Pignose PGG200 Travel Guitar

A unique and a great way to take your music with you!

The Pignose PGG200 Travel Guitar is the most amazing electric you’ve ever seen! Featuring a built in 1 watt amp, with the same tone circuits as found in the Legendary 7100 portable amp, the PGG200 can bring you everything from sparkling clean tones through to full on thrash simply by varying the pig shaped control knob. With a short scale but full width neck and fully adjustable bridge the PGG200 has perfect intonation and a great feel. Many guitarists actually use the PGG200 as their main guitar – it has a great sounding hum bucker in the bridge and can be played through any external amp as an alternative to the inbuilt unit.

The Pignose sound has been defined over decades with the first Pignose Battery Amp, the Legendary 7100, making its debut in 1972. Now you can take the sound with you in this portable, great to play electric with built in amp. The single Pig Nose shaped knob allows for infinite variation of the gain structure, so you can play anything from sweet clean tones to full on thrash and everything in between. A gain trim pot in the back of the guitar allows for customisation of the guitar depending on the player’s style.

Available in Bright Red or Sunburst the PGG200 can be enjoyed anywhere – at home, at work, in the car, on the beach – anywhere you need great tone and a top notch feeling guitar. Plus the PGG200 can be plugged into headphones for quiet practice anywhere, anytime. You can even use it as a standard electric and plug into your favourite amp.

  • Its a Practice Guitar
  • Its a Stage Guitar
  • Its a Recording Guitar

The Pignose PGG200 is everything you need it to be! Grab one today!


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