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The world’s Finest Pocket Guitar Amps



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Hand Made in Minsk, Belarus, these beautiful amps are created using real timber cabinets and only the best electronic components to create pocket amplifiers that sounds as good as they look.

Small enough to pop into your guitar case, these amps are truly something unique. The cabinets are made from 100% timber with dovetailed joints and are fully hand assembled. No plastic crap here! A finely tuned 1 watt amp gives warm clean tones and crunchy biting overdrive with the flick of a switch. Specially designed mini speakers provide amazing tone with no breakup and the timber cabinet gives you true valve amp style response.

Seltaeb Music is proud to be the exclusive home for Mouse Electronics products in Australia and NZ where we sell the line directly to the consumer allowing local buyers to buy these great little amps at low prices

Mouse Amp

Fat Amp II