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Pignose 7100

Mini Guitar Amp

Ever since musicians started wanting to play anywhere the Pignose 7100 has been there. Today it’s one of the most used Mini Guitar Amps available

Mini Guitar Amp

The Pignose amp, now known as the “Legendary 7-100″, is a battery-powered, 5-watt Mini Guitar Amp with one 5” speaker. It was invented by Richard Edlund and Wayne Kimbell in 1969. The Pignose weighs five pounds and includes buttons for a guitar strap; it is considered the first portable electric guitar amplifier. The ‘legend’ was established when the inventors gave 65 prototypes (with flexible rubber Pignose volume knobs) to some of the most famous musicians of the era, including Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Eagles, and The Who.

Mini Guitar Amp

The first production Pignose amps debuted at the ’73 NAMM Convention in Chicago. The original Pignose 7-100 is still in production and is used primarily as a portable practice amp. It has also found a role in recording studios, having been used on records by Joe Walsh, Eric Clapton and Frank Zappa.

Today’s Pignose Mini Guitar amp is made to the exact specifications of the 70’s legend, and features a 5 watt amp and five inch speaker, making it the ideal amplifier for Busking. The unit runs on 6 x AA Batteries or with an optional AC Power Supply (Available Seperately). The single “Pignose” control knob gives a wide range of tone when used in conjunction with the guitar’s volume, from sweet warm cleans to smooth soaring overdrive and sustain.

Mini Guitar Amp

The amp is solidly built of timber, with a simulated leather covering and strong metal corners and carry handle. Strap buttons are included so you can fit a guitar strap and carry the amp anywhere, which is what you need in a mini guitar amp. The amp includes a preamp out socket so you can run the Pignose through a larger amp and get that legendary Pignose tone live on stage.  The 7100 is available in the original Brown telex covering, or the Ltd edition Tweed version.

There are many mini guitar amps on the market, but the Pignose 7-100 has proven itself over the past forty years. When you’re in the market for a mini guitar amp just grab one! You’ll be glad you did.

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