Guitar Wall Mount

The all in One Storage Solution!



Guitar Wall Mount – The Wall-Axe Soloist is a unique all in one answer to your guitar storage needs. Not only can you hang your precious guitar on the wall out of the way, but also your strap, picks, capo, tuner, cable and more. Made in the USA of 100% Quality American Oak the soloist is the answer to every guitarist’s prayers!


We all know the problem. There’s never enough room right? Your guitar leaning up against the wall, the cable in a pile on the floor. You can never find that pick when you need it and where did you put that Capo?

The Wall-Axe Soloist solves all of these problems in one elegant, simple solution. Made of beautiful American Oak and hand finished it mounts easily to any wall and keeps your guitar and all your accessories in one place. Neatly and conveniently. You know you need one. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?