Bass Strings Australia

Bass strings Australia. MJC Ironworks strings are made in the USA and offer amazing quality and technology at a price lower than our competitors. Using a hex core and tight round wound winding MJC strings sound bright and punchy with no trace of dullness. And best of all they come packed in a cool round tin which protects them from corrosion.

bass strings australia
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We all know there are dozens of brands of Bass Strings Online in Australia. But we guarantee you you won’t find any as cool as the new range of strings from MJC. With only the very best quality nickel and stainless steel wrapped around a strong hex core these strings simply sound better. In fact we’re sure you’ll agree they sound brighter and punchier than any bass strings you’ve ever tried before!

Plus MJC strings come vacuum sealed in a metal tin to protect them from corrosion and wear. A special anti rust strip inside every tin guarantees you that your strings will be 100% fresh every time.


Don’t buy ordinary bass strings Australia – Buy MJC!